Episode 10: Fifty Shaves Of Greg

Our little podcast has made it to episode 10, just in time for Christmas. A year where life has changed for everyone.

But none more so than Sheffield’s director of health Greg Fell. 2020 has seen him leading the city’s response to Covid-19. In our TV screens, on You Tube and across the city, Greg has issued practical and no-nonsense advice to Sheffielders.

It is for this, his many different Shaves, flock wallpaper and fleet FACT (Fell Always Cuts Through) that he is Looking Up Sheffield’s inaugural person of the year.

We speak to Greg at around 17mins in, via shakey phone, as he looks back on a year like no other and looks ahead to 2021.

We also shine a light on the other #Sheffheroes we’ve been profiling on Insta and Twitter. From community shops to volunteers, markets to halloumi wraps in Hillsborough, Naked Podcasts to Chakra Lounges, Jarvis to Otis and raves in caves to beers in parks, we cram a whole lot in.

We speak to Jen from The Naked Podcast and food bank volunteer Andy to hear what makes them Look Up Sheffield

And that, as the Orange Bird might have it, is a wrap. Back in Spring 2021, podding in a different year and different world. Til then, look up Sheff! Love Nic and Loz, Kieran and Al xx

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