Season 2,Episode 2: High-Rise to success

“There used to be lines on the floor outside places like Park Hill and the Kelvin,” says Airship’s Dan Brookman. “You couldn’t throw a telly past the red lines and the green lines meant it was safe to walk underneath.”  Luckily that’s all changed and Dan’s hospitality business has taken flight in a ground floorContinue reading “Season 2,Episode 2: High-Rise to success”

Season Two, Episode 1: Cities of Dust

We finally got our podcast chops in gear for season two of the popular peoples’ podcast (note the apostrophe placing) and what a cracker it is. While we pretend to look after our respective children, Loz and Nic talk positively about other people’s rubbish and what might become of John Lewis. We introduce a newContinue reading “Season Two, Episode 1: Cities of Dust”

Episode 10: Fifty Shaves Of Greg

Our little podcast has made it to episode 10, just in time for Christmas. A year where life has changed for everyone. But none more so than Sheffield’s director of health Greg Fell. 2020 has seen him leading the city’s response to Covid-19. In our TV screens, on You Tube and across the city, GregContinue reading “Episode 10: Fifty Shaves Of Greg”

Looking Up Sheffield 9: All good in De Hood

Boxing is, of course, in Sheffield’s DNA. From the Bomber to Brook, it has produced its fair share of gloved-up heroes. But the real heroes are operating out of a former school which was in serious danger of falling into dereliction. Then again, so were some of the people who have all lined up toContinue reading “Looking Up Sheffield 9: All good in De Hood”

Looking Up Sheffield: Sculptor, Skater, Speakeasy creator..

Meet Bally, the Speakeasy creator. He’s one of a trio of people doing great things in the previously less than thriving Castlegate area that we feature on this episode. Last time around we focused on the buildings that are making the area swing again, from the Old Town Hall to the Terminal warehouse and theContinue reading “Looking Up Sheffield: Sculptor, Skater, Speakeasy creator..”

Looking Up Sheffield: Kayaks, canals and courts of Castlegate

Podcast guest Simon Ogden didn’t let the Covid restrictions stop his plans to put Castlegate, the ancient heart and beating digital future of Sheffield, into the spotlight. Normally he’s planning a week long jam of events and parties which celebrate the area and its ongoing regen.  Forced to think differently, he’s taken to his hardContinue reading “Looking Up Sheffield: Kayaks, canals and courts of Castlegate”

Looking Up Sheffield: Episode 6 – Greencast

Everybody’s been getting out in the great outdoors, but it’s not just for our own benefit.  Looking Up Sheffield brings you three for the price of one by podcasting under a waterfall in Rivelin Valley, in the heart of a former underpass turned epic green space in the city centre, and in a part ofContinue reading “Looking Up Sheffield: Episode 6 – Greencast”

Looking Up Sheffield In Lockdown: Episode Five

We never expected to be gone so long. We paused Looking Up Sheffield for three months to adjust and recalibrate during lockdown, social distancing and the new normal, before deciding that the news about Hillsborough Park’s coach house getting the funding to become the city’s first ever dementia cafe was too good not to share.Continue reading “Looking Up Sheffield In Lockdown: Episode Five”

Looking Up Sheffield Episode 4: I Heart Sheffield

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, podcast four focuses on Sheffield’s Heart Of The City 2, which is even better than the original. We talk to Nalin Seneviratne, director of city centre regen at the council, about progress, heritage and renewal from the mezzanine at Marmadukes, part of the new development. We also talk toContinue reading “Looking Up Sheffield Episode 4: I Heart Sheffield”

Episode Three: What Is Don Is Don

A special Christmas edition celebrating the River Don. It’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons, so it’s time to remember why the Don is worth our attention.  Looking Up Sheffield urges you to forget the politics and immerse yourself in the story of Wardsend Cemetery, an astonishing space being brought back intoContinue reading “Episode Three: What Is Don Is Don”