Looking Up Sheffield In Lockdown: Episode Five

Allen and Harvey: Al fresco

We never expected to be gone so long. We paused Looking Up Sheffield for three months to adjust and recalibrate during lockdown, social distancing and the new normal, before deciding that the news about Hillsborough Park’s coach house getting the funding to become the city’s first ever dementia cafe was too good not to share. As well as speaking to Age UK Sheffield main man Steve Chu about his million pound plans, we recorded in back gardens, behind vans and between spin cycles. We bring tales of Black Lives Matter, next door’s bhajis and what bollards can tell you about a city. In keeping with our outdoor city vibes, we even insisted the pod was stitched together one lonely night in his garden by unsung hero K-Flan.

We raise a virtual pint to Sheffield businesses, clubs and people. God we miss them. But in the firm belief that we should keep looking up, here’s Looking Up Sheffield Five.

Note: since recording, a package of support has been announced for our venues. Hope to see you in one soon.

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