Looking Up Sheffield: Episode 6 – Greencast

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Everybody’s been getting out in the great outdoors, but it’s not just for our own benefit. 

Looking Up Sheffield brings you three for the price of one by podcasting under a waterfall in Rivelin Valley, in the heart of a former underpass turned epic green space in the city centre, and in a part of the city once dubbed the worst council estate in Britain that is now awash with pictorial meadows. 

We go for a wild swim in an unspecified location, list 10 places to celebrate the great outdoors in Sheffield and discuss sustainable urban drainage, which is much more rock n’ roll than it sounds.

We speak to principal landscape architect Zac Tudor on how to create the perfect green space for the city centre and travel to the Manor, notorious as Mary Queen of Scots prison and latterly, a rather loveless estate, to talk to Sue France, who is all about the flowers at Green Estate, and Natalie Newman who has ensured that SYHA’s Slingsby Place is full of joyful encounters. 

Green Estate is a not for profit social enterprise based in Sheffield working for people, place and a fairer way of doing business. SYHA is a leading housing association determined to do right by its tenants and create spaces that they can love.

All this in under 30 minutes! We are Looking Up Sheffield.

Read more about SYHA and its floral ambitions

Green Estate Home page

Zac Tudor on Instagram

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