Looking Up Sheffield: Kayaks, canals and courts of Castlegate

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Podcast guest Simon Ogden didn’t let the Covid restrictions stop his plans to put Castlegate, the ancient heart and beating digital future of Sheffield, into the spotlight.

Normally he’s planning a week long jam of events and parties which celebrate the area and its ongoing regen. 

Forced to think differently, he’s taken to his hard hat and kayak to take you into the hidden spaces we walk past everyday and never acknowledge. 

In this podcast we give an exclusive look at the three films Castlegate programme director Simon has made for this year’s festival as he

– kayaks under 15th century Lady’s Bridge for a look at the medieval Bridge Sandwich of Sheffield past (beloved of Richard Hawley) 

Watch the Lady’s Bridge virtual tour here

– meets the social media entrepreneur with a barge as a boardroom

– ventures into the abandoned courts and jails of the Old Town hall, home of Sheffield justice for three centuries ahead of its transformation. 

We also learn why Simon keeps being drawn back to Castlegate and its layers of history. 

All this with hardly a mention of a castle or a certain Queen of Scots. 

This is Looking Up, Sheffield.


Castlegate Festival Programme 2020

Lady’s Bridge video

Ovo Spaces website

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